The curious geopolitical gridlock of the mid-information age: Opportunities!

I’ve decided to explore the possibility of treading on some ground that bears great potential and great pitfalls. Namely overcoming some of this gridlock to realize desirable long term outcomes. There may be productive ways to achieve mutually beneficial results in the rest of the 21st century if enough critical mass can be assembled of those who dare and who can manage the elegant dance that will be needed over this terrain.

The clearest application for such productive forces would be in areas that affect the Earth entire, such as: Space, Science, Climate Change, Pollution, International Waters, Antarctica, Arctic, Cyberspace, WMDs, international standards, etc…

These forces can also be marshalled for mutually beneficial results in areas that cover a subset of the Earth, though perhaps with a steeper risk/reward profile. In the spheres of trade, culture, education and so on, there are clearly already many people with such plans.

Some brief points:

Whence has this state of affairs arisen from? The succinct answer would be because all the forces of the world are interacting with each other and the global environment with quite complex, and close to instantaneous, network effects.

Why? Too many co-dependent factors to give a clear answer.

Okay, but what does all this really mean for the future? An interesting dynamic that’s for sure!

For those who want to discuss more, feel free to send an email.

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