The ontological problem with the alien visitation hypothesis

‘Why? Because aliens!’

Seriously, ask any question, any question that you could possibly ever conceive of, and if the alien visitation hypothesis is correct… then a credible response could be, because aliens!

Although the conclusions sound absurd, that doesn’t necessarily invalidate the hypothesis. The infallible rules of logic don’t allow for such an easy way out from such a specious reason, and therefore there is still a non-zero possibility… it certainly does make you wonder about the implications for and against… everything… ever.. really!

Why did any historical event happen? Why did any famous person did or not do anything? Why was any decision made? And if you accept there is probability greater than zero, you know at least one possible answer now for all of the above.

After all, if aliens can travel FTL or warp space-time or cross dimensions, etc., then why wouldn’t they have such additional capabilities?

And who knows what motivations they could have since, by definition, they have alien motivations that we cannot fully grasp. And if we could achieve that then we would share minds with the aliens!

Yes it’s quite an ontological doozy, a true metaphysics to end all metaphysics! Take that Nietzsche, 25 years old and I’ve already outdone ya! One-upping the idea of the ubermensch, here is the path to the uber-ubermensch!

Perhaps better to call it the hypermensch! Transcend the alien, etc…

More seriously, if it hasn’t been coined already, I would call that line of reasoning ‘Argument from superior beings’.

So how to address all this if true? I can’t really think of any foolproof way really. Maybe we’ve only been visited by marginally superior aliens?

And how to address all this if false? Well the easiest path would be straight denial, an I-told-you-so-that-aliens-don’t-exist. Though my inner logician is screaming for a more level-headed approach. Perhaps, given that there’s always the possibility that aliens do exist, they see very good reasons to not interfere? And we would of course accept their word.

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