Thoughts on the differing interpretations of ‘Analysis’

The word, and idea of, ‘analysis’ is interpreted in dramatically different ways depending on group, organization, individual personalities, etc.

One end of the spectrum would be when ‘Let us analyze this’ means ‘Let us totally ignore it’. 

At the other end it would mean:

‘Let us examine in minute detail, in the most comprehensive way known, every aspect, individually and in any potential combination, to the last possible level of analysis, the idea just proposed. ( And all material generated will be presented, in draft and final versions, compiled, edited, and annotated where necessary for review and archival. With the most profound ideas presented, in decreasing rank order, as clearly as possible. )’

Of course in practice most people tend to practice a middle course. Articulating this difference is important is because when people are cycled through positions even a single hidden assumption, presumption, or unarticulated standard can really trip things up.

And, in general, miscommunication hurts.

From my assessment of organizational literature and research it seems that the larger the organization the more it naturally leans towards the comprehensive end of the spectrum. And, if done in a truthful and well reasoned way, should in fact be desirable.

See Amazon, etc.

Originally posted on Facebook February of 2020